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2017 AGG Conference in Rochester NY

Welcome to the 2017 AGG Conference Blog
Insights on speakers and workshops for the 2017 AGG Conference in Rochester NY.

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Born: New London, CT    Current: Rochester, NY

Specialty: Architectural Photography

Quote: "I’m fascinated with the use of glass in architecture and am amazed at the various ways artists find to use glass in the environment. As I lighting specialist and specialist in “seeing”, I plan to teach attendees how to set up, light and capture their artwork in digital photography."

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Jeff was born in Minot, North Dakota (Why not Minot?), but left when he was a few months old and have never been back.  Most of his life was in DC, and DC is in so many ways still ‘home.’   He currently lives in Edinburgh.

His specialty is creating layered glass paintings that explore ambiguity.

He is excited to meet everyone, to learn, and to make my ‘debut’ within a stained glass setting.  Although he sees his work as being rooted in stained glass, it’s more frequently shown in other contexts.

He is most proud of winning Second Prize in the 2015 Coburg Prize for Contemporary Glass, Europe’s largest prize for works in glass, and having a piece acquired by the Victoria & Albert Museum. He also finds it wonderful that since moving here (to Edinburgh) he's represented Scotland twice in American exhibitions and represented British glass at two European museums.

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Born in Rochester NY in 1959. His mother and father were german immigrants who met on a boat coming over. Gordon has lived in Napa CA since 1962 with stints of living in Germany and San Francisco. 

He specializes in large scale, site specific, permanent art installations across the United States and different parts of the world. His studio is highly proficient in a wide variety of glass techniques including enameling, fusing, slumping, laminating and leaded glass. 

Over the years he has expanded the materials used to include steel, aluminum, composite materials and many others. 

He is most proud of being self employed for over 30 years and having completed several hundred significant art installations. 

The photos above show the many facets of Gordon Huether and Gordon Huether Studios... a creative and very active community member.

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I was born in Barcelona, Spain and currently living in a village 30 km in nature.

Glass artist and historian of the window. Specialist in the windows of Antoni Gaudí 
I am currently working for the government of Catalonia region of Spain - an inventory of stained glass, des from 1700-1925 and is the continuation of the study of the year 1980 des were doing for the Corpus Medii Aevi Vitrearum on the windows Gothic my country.

What excited to do for the conference:
As co - author of all the windows of the temple of the Holy Family, I place to show our work beyond the borders of Europe and as a specialist in the study of the windows of Gaudí, think very interesting to talk about the technique trichromatic that this architect with his collaborators developed for the windows of the cathedral of Mallorca and to discuss with my American colleagues specialists in the study of stained glass of Louis Comfort Tiffany have in common these two creators, one an architect and the other as a glazier .

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The answers to the questions you're interested in are probably and

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When I use my maiden name on St. Patrick’s Day, I usually get a free beer (Caugherty).

Lisa was born in Ridgewood, NJ, and lives a mile away in Glen Rock, NJ with husband, John, and their children, Eleanor (24) and Tim (21).

Her specialty is: Loving her family, cooking for them, worrying about them, and cheering them on in life. (Oh, and she has spent well over 30 years in public relations.)

She is excited to help attendees succinctly verbalize what they do, what they want their audience to know about them.

Lisa is most proud of

a) escorting Louise Nevelson to ABC Good Morning American to discuss her major retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art (scared to death!).

b) convincing CBS 60 Minutes to not do a negative story on a client (felt powerful!), and

c) providing pro bono PR to her church when it burned to the ground – nice front page New York Times photo generated a $60K gift to the church (grateful!).

In Lisa’s personal life, she is most proud of her children who are caring, intelligent and fun young adults, achieving 25 years in marriage to John, and turning 60 at the end of the 2017 conference.

** Arles photo is in front of the Van Gogh foundation office in Arles, France. (Taken on a celebration tour of medieval France with daughter Eleanor who had successfully kicked cancer’s butt the year prior.)

** With my son, Tim, who is 6’4” goal keeper at McDaniel College.

** Tiffany glass photo is of Lisa with 5 little pieces of glass from the Tiffany factory in Corona, NY. There was a NY Times article that morning about the final plowing over of the Tiffany factory. Lisa convinced her husband to jump in the car, drive to Corona and see if the foreman would give her a few pieces. He did!

You can see the current blog at:

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Jess was born and raised on Long Island and is currently living in Rochester, NY, where she is curator in charge/curator of American art at the Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester.

Her specialty is American art from the first half of the 20th century, but as a curator of an encyclopedic collection she has learned to embrace the joys and challenges of being a generalist as well.

One highlight from Jess’ presentation she is most excited to speak about is the Memorial Art Gallery’s recent acquisition of Judith Schaechter’s stained-glass masterpiece The Battle of Carnival and Lent and the museum’s plans for a mid-career exhibition of the artist’s work in 2020.

Jess is proud of her efforts to grow and care for the permanent collection of the MAG, for the benefit of both current and future audiences.

Outside of work, Jess is most proud the her adventurous, funny kids, both of whom have been well-indoctrinated to love art and museums.

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Toni was born in Alabama and is currently living in Madison, Wisconsin.

Toni is the Founder and CEO of CODAworx, the hub of the commissioned art economy.

Toni is excited to share with the AGG community some of the lessons learned about submitting proposals for public art projects.

Toni is proud to have spent her career helping artists connect to their best markets.
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Albert was born in Philadelphia and is currently living in Rochester, NY.

Albert’s specialty is metal sculpting creating public sculpture as well as furniture design.

Albert will discuss creativity within the evolution and activities of his career.

Albert is most proud of the acceptance of his work and the opportunities for its development and evolution.

[ Thanks to Jennifer Laemlein, Director of Paley Studios, Ltd, in Rochester ]

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Ellen was born in ..1954.... and is currently living in: Nyack, NY

Her specialty is leaded glass and  large installations.

One highlight from Ellen’s presentation she is excited to share is the Church of St. Mary.

Ellen is most proud the following in her career: The Immaculate Heart Academy.  The architect, Anthony Genovese, (who worked for years with Benoit Gilsoul until he died) asked Ellen to work with him.

Ellen is most proud the following, outside of her career: Her children, Ben and Maria  and grand daughter Kayleigh (see photos).

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Tim was born in Los Angeles, Ca and is currently living in South Pasadena, Ca. 

His specialty is glass painting and fusing. 

One highlight from Tim's presentation he is excited to share is how combining traditional glass painting with fusing can produce dynamic imagery. 

Tim is most proud of continuing the traditional legacy at Judson Studios while striving to innovate within the medium of glass image making. 

Tim is most proud of his wife Sophia and three children Campbell(8), Eve(5) and Beck(4).

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Judith was born in 1961, Gainesville, FL and is currently living in Philadelphia.

Her specialty  stained glass

One highlight from Judith’s presentation she is excited to share is her knowledge of pictorial effect in flash glass.

Careerwise, Judith is most proud of getting her work into museums.  As an artist she is most proud of nailing it, inspiration-wise.  As a teacher, Judith is most proud of her students.

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Sam was born in Hastings, New Zealand, and is currently living in Newport Beach, California: 

His specialty right now is cutting back on work. At one time he had a career running education programs in a maximum security prison.

One highlight from Sam’s presentation he is excited to share is photos of rarely seen windows (although he’s not really an excitable person).

(Photos) When not concentrating, Sam can get it all wrong / When looking after kids, Sam is prone to screaming matches / Early days in Sam’s studio.

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Antoni was born in Barcelona, ​​Spain and is currently living in Sant Sebastià de Montmajor a town 30 km from Barcelona, ​​in the middle of the mountain and with the tranquility that gives the silence.

His specialty is: Artist glassmaker / historian of glass / specialist in the study of Gaudí stained glass.

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David was born in Montebello, CA and is currently living in Waukesha, WI. 

His specialty is designing and painting traditional stained glass.

One highlight from David’s presentation he is excited to share is talking about the importance of texture, and the initial application of the paint.

David is most proud of being able to pass along techniques developed from years of experience.

David is most proud of his 9 year old twins, Ira and Lindy. When not working with glass, David likes to create incredible lego pieces with his kids (above).

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Amanda was born in Calgary, Alberta and currently goes back and forth from Calgary and Batavia, NY on a regular basis. Lance Taylor was born in LeRoy, NY and is currently living in Batavia, NY. 

Amanda’s specialty is sculptural cast glass landscapes, and drop vessel forms which incorporate a large variety of kilnformed glass techniques. 

Lance’s specialty is cast glass countertops, glass vessel sinks, and sculptural metal chandeliers.  They both teach many different techniques in kilnformed glass.

One highlight from Amanda’s and Lance’s presentation that they are excited to share is giving the students several ways of creating unique and interesting kilnformed glass elements that can be incorporated into various forms of glass work.

Amanda and Lance are most proud to have created over the last 9 years a unique studio environment for others to learn, experiment and explore techniques in kilnformed glass. The sky CAN be the limit. Amanda and Lance are most thankful for all the support from friends, family, and past students that have been there for them throughout their journey in life and with each other.

When not teaching or creating in the studio, Lance and Amanda love traveling and seeing where that windy road takes them…..with their dogs, of course!

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Mark was born in Trumansburg, NY and is currently living in Honeoye Falls, NY.

His specialty is: Color Science in general and individual differences in human color vision in particular.

One highlight from Mark’s presentation he is excited to share is: How context influences color perception and how perception varies from person to person.

Mark is most proud of (in his career): His students and all that they have contributed to the field of color science. And he is most proud of (outside of his career): His two daughters and all they will contribute to the world in their chosen paths.

When not teaching, Mark loves to pay homage to LeBron James (after the championship)... 
visit the future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk... and feed giraffes.

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Christina was born in Aarau, Switzerland and is currently living in Allschwil near Basel

Her specialty is the artist Alphonse Mucha (below right)

One highlight from Christina’s presentation she is excited to share is: the fact, that Mucha’s window in St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague (1931) was not fired in, but painted only with oil on glass.

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